Replacement Wing Mirrors

For my SVA, I had fit the standard Tiger black wing mirrors. These served the purpose (i.e. got me through SVA), but Neil had bought me a set of Tiger carbon look F1 style wing mirrors.

After passing SVA, these carbon look mirrors were put on the car. Whilst stationary, the view was okay, but the quality of the lenses wasn't particularly good which meant that when you were on the move you got a blurred view of the road behind. The dashboard mounted rear view mirror also didn't help too much as it really only gave a good view of the top of the spare wheel.

The solution was to purchase some new wing mirrors. I decided upon the SPA Design convex sports car mirrors. These provide a larger lense than the Tiger F1 style mirrors in a nice looking package, with the added advantage that a convex lense gives a far wider field of view behind the car. I bought these from Graham Goode in Leicester as they were able to supply them far cheaper than Europa or Demon Tweeks.

The SPA Design mirrors give a very good field of vision, effectively removing the need for the dashboard mounted mirror but, more importantly, they are rock solid with no vibration at any speed and are well worth the money. With the addition of some small rubber U-trim round the trailing edge, they are also SVA compliant.

SPA Design Convex Sports Car Mirrors
SPA Design Convex Sports Car Mirrors

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