Peugeot Column Controls

It has to be said that the standard Sierra column switches used in the Tiger Cat aren't the best quality looking items and due to fouling the dashboard can't be used in their entirety.

The steering column switches from recent Peugeot cars look a lot more modern and have the benefit of providing many more functions on the stalks, which helps to tidy up the dashboard. When you get a pair of switches from a breakers yard, make sure you get the multi-pin connectors with as much wire as possible attached to them - at least 4", otherwise wiring in the switches could be difficult. As an indication, my switches, complete with connectors (from a Peugeot 106) cost £20.00.

Functions provided by the left hand switch:

  • Direction Indicators (with operational self cancelling mechanism)
  • Side and head lights
  • Dip Beam, Main Beam and Flash
  • Rear Fog light (not on some lower specification 106 models)
  • Horn

Left Hand Peugeot Switch  

Functions provided by the right hand switch:

  • Windscreen wipers
  • Windscreen washers
  • Rear window wash/wipe (not on saloon models)

Right Hand Peugeot Switch

Attaching the switches to the Sierra steering column

To attach the Peugeot switches to the Sierra column two adaptor brackets need to be made from thin aluminium. The Peugeot switches are mounted into the adaptor brackets and these in turn are attached to the Sierra column using the original Sierra column mounting points. The measurements in the diagrams below were taken directly from the brackets Neil made for their controls. I have since used these to produce my own brackets with the only modification being to move the mounting holes around 7mm further towards the front, thus moving the controls 7mm further away from the driver. When the brackets have been made and adjusted satisfactorily, it is advisable to fit a plate over the top of the two brackets to strengthen their location and prevent any bending of the brackets.

Scale drawing of brackets - Visio Format

Drawing of indicator bracket - JPEG Format

Drawing of wiper bracket - JPEG Format

Pictures of my completed brackets

Whilst no modifications are required to the Sierra steering column to attach the Peugeot controls, there are several things I would recommend doing. When the Peugeot switches are in place, the right hand stalk is in very close proximity to the original ignition switch. Replacement dashboard mounted 4 position ignition switches are available from kit car shows for around £10.00. To remove the original switch from the column housing, follow the instructions in the Sierra Haynes manual. When this is removed, you will notice a problem, the steering lock will come on and without a switch in place there is no way to release the lock. Using a hacksaw and file or an angle grinder and a suitable screwdriver, carefully remove the steering lock from the column and cut off the empty switch housing. This should leave the round column with the original mounting lugs in place.

In order for the self cancelling of the indicators to operate satisfactorily you will need to make a couple of modifications:

  • The end of the self cancelling mechanism will need shortening by around 3-5mm. I recommend you do this a couple of millimetres at a time and repeatedly check - it's easier to remove a bit more than put some back!
  • If you have used the mounting hole measurements from the diagrams you will require a spacer to move the self cancelling lug out far enough so it operates the mechanism within the switch.
  • If you have moved the controls further away by around 7mm, then you will need to cut a small section out of the column where it curves up towards the top mounting position. If this isn't done, the mechanism within the switch will foul, making it possible to stop the steering wheel to turn.

Wiring the switches into the Tiger loom

Wiring in the switches is quite an easy task, providing you can yield a soldering iron in anger. Firstly, locate the wiper switch connector in the Tiger loom and remove the connector. Solder the remaining wires to the Peugeot connector as detailed in the table below.

Wire Colour Connects to Peugeot
53C Green Ignition +12v 3B
53B Blue/Light Green Wiper Motor Pin 3 (Fast) 6B
53 Red/Light Green Wiper Motor Pin 5 (Slow) 5B
31B1 Brown/Light Green Wiper Motor Pin 2 (Park) 4A
54 Green & Light Green (2 wires) Wiper Motor Pin 4 (+12v) 3B
31 Light Green/Blue Washer Motor (+12v) 2B

Click here for a diagram of the Peugeot Wiper Switch Circuit

Click here for a diagram of the Peugeot Light and Indicator Switch Circuit

Click here for a diagram of the Peugeot Connector Pin Descriptions

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