Custom Replacement Radiator

The original Tiger supplied radiator is adequate and provided sufficient cooling for my Zetec, but the reliability of them has been quite hit and miss. Personally, I had no problems, but Dads car had two failures. The first one solved using Rad Weld.

He was planning on getting the Tiger one repaired and I discussed with him the possibility of replacing the entire unit.

We took my Tiger radiator to Loughborough Radiators (in Loughborough surprisingly!) and asked about having it re-cored or a replacement made. Their comments weren't complimentary towards the quality of the Tiger supplied radiator and we were told that the tanks were made of steel, rather than the more common brass variety.

We were quoted £80 plus VAT for a re-core or £130 plus VAT for a brand new radiator. The decision was pretty easy and we each decided to have a brand new radiator made up. We also requested a bleed screw at the top and a drain plug at the bottom to aid filling and emptying the system respectively.

Old Radiator
Old Tiger Radiator

New Radiator
New Radiator

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