Intatrim Voyager Seats

Having found the Tiger seat pads uncomfortable, I looked into different seats and bought an unused Richfield RX777 with the intention of modifying it to fit around the pigs ears on the Cat. Whilst talking to a person from Richfield at the Donington show 2003, he recommended not modifying the seat frame as it would damage its structural integrity. We then passed the Intatrim stand and Dad was quite taken by some of their seats. We sat in a few to test them out and felt that the Voyager were the most comfortable. Intatrim were also willing to cut out an area from the fibreglass shell to fit around the pigs ears.

By purchasing two pairs of seats, we were able to get a good discount which actually made buying a pair of Voyagers cheaper than buying another single Richfield RX777. I consequently sold the RX777 to an Avon builder and ordered a pair of Voyagers.

Despite having a yellow car, my future plans include spraying it blue, so I decided to buy the seats with this in mind and had blue piping. These can be seen in the car in the following two pictures:

Intatrim Voyager - Side View
Side View

Intatrim Voyager - Front Side View
Front Side View

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