Lockable Toolbox

When originally building my car, I had decided to have a lockable boot above the petrol tank for secure storage of a few emergency tools. I had found a plastic window box (normally meant for flowers) which was waterproof and of suitable dimensions to fit above the petrol tank, but did not got much further with the idea. During my modifications, I decided something needed to be done. The idea then came to me that I could make use of what was effectively wasted space at the end of the passenger footwell for a lockable toolbox.

The principle was quite simple in that I needed a box to store the tools in and then provide a hinged access panel. The solution for the box came to me one morning when pouring my breakfast when I realised the plastic cereal tub was an ideal shape. For the access panel I had originally thought about having access from above, but this then meant I couldn't put anything on the battery panel. The solution was to have a hinged door at the end of the footwell. Armed with a sheet of aluminium, a piano hinge, some angled aluminium and a key lock, the access door was created creating a fake tunnel end panel.

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