Chassis and Bodywork

  • Tiger Cat 1" square tube space frame chassis
  • Yellow GRP Super Cat bodywork
  • Yellow GRP cycle wings
  • Aluminium side panels, sprayed with 15 coats of colour matched cellulose paint
  • Polished stainless steel sill protectors
  • Windscreen frame mounted 100 x 50mm rear view mirror
  • SPA Design Convex sports car wing mirrors
  • Cross braced roll bar with rear drop bars
  • Gross Weight: 635kg
  • Weight Distribution: 54:46 (F:R)

Engine and Transmission

  • Phase 3 2.0 Litre (1988cc) Ford Zetec Engine - January 2003
  • Custom shortened sump (2 part sump)
  • Webcon Alpha 45mm Throttle Body and Engine Management Kit
    (without Idle Air Control equipment fitted)
  • Custom 41 litre stainless steel fuel tank with integral 1 litre sump style swirl pot
  • Tiger Zetec Exhaust Headers
  • Tiger 4 into 1 Exhaust Collector modified with Lambda Sensor Boss
  • Wunoff Repack 6 Stainless Steel 6" Repackable Silencer
  • Tiger Zetec Lightened Flywheel with machined mounting holes and dowels
  • Standard Ford 2.0 OHC Clutch Plate
  • Tiger Alloy gearbox bell housing
  • BGH Geartech Heavy Duty Ford Type-9 Five Speed Gearbox with Long First
  • Westfield Gear Remote with Rally Design Quick Shift
  • Tiger Shortened Prop Shaft
  • Ford Sierra XR4x4 3.62:1 Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • O.Z. F1 Cup 7x15" Alloy Wheels With ET37 Offset
  • Yokohama A539 195/50VR15 Tyres

Suspension and Steering

  • Tiger front rocker arm arrangement with inboard SPAX adjustable coil over dampers
  • Reconditioned Sierra front hubs
  • Ford Cortina Mk 4 Steering Rack
  • Superflex Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushes
  • PolyRace Polyurethane Front and Rear Suspension Bushes
  • Reconditioned Sierra XR4x4 sub frame and trailing arms
  • Mini rear dampers
  • Uprated 9" 325lb Rear Springs


  • Remanufactured Sierra 2.0 front calipers with vented discs
  • Remanufactured Sierra XR4x4 rear calipers with solid discs
  • Halfords replacement brake pads
  • Goodrich Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses
  • Stuart Taylor Locost floor mounted pedal box with brake bias adjustment
  • Wilwood 0.750" master cylinder for rear
  • Wilwood 0.625" master cylinder for front


  • Custom designed modular wiring loom
  • Webcon Alpha injection loom
  • Indicator warning buzzer
  • Lights on, ignition off warning buzzer
  • Dashboard instrument backlight dimmer


  • 5¾" Halogen Headlamps in black powder coated bowls
  • Tiger standard motorcycle front indicators
  • Peugeot 206 White Side Repeaters
  • Sports car 4" round rear indicators - one at each side
  • Sports car 4" round rear stop / tail lights - one at each side
  • Sports car 4" round rear reversing light - one at left
  • Sports car 4" round rear fog light - one at right
  • Lotus Elise round rear reflectors


  • Custom designed carbon trimmed GRP dashboard featuring
    • ETB Instruments dials with black background, white lettering and red needles
      • 80mm Tachometer
      • 80mm Electronic Speedometer
      • 52mm Water Temperature gauge
      • 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge
      • 52mm Fuel Level Gauge
    • Polished aluminium starter button
    • Rocker switches for heater, radiator fan override and hazard lights
    • Dashboard mounted Ignition key
    • LED warning lights
  • Peugeot 306 column controls with indicator self cancelling
  • Trimmed GRP column surround
  • 12" Mountney Steering Wheel
  • Intatrim Voyager GRP Seats
  • Le Mans Motorsport 4 point harnesses with Tiger shoulder pads
  • Anodised Aluminium pedal covers with rubber inserts

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