Why Build a Kit Car?

The simple (and short answer) is that I could find nothing from a production vehicle manufacturer that was:

  • (a) Exciting to drive
  • (b) I could afford to buy in the first place
  • (c) I could afford to insure (only being 24 years old at the time)

In early summer 1999, I decided that I would very much like an open top two seater sports car. At the time, there were only three options from mainstream manufacturers and the only one within my price range that I could get a realistic insurance quote for was the Rover MGF 1.8i. I had a test drive in a 1.8 VVC model and was thoroughly unimpressed. When talking to my brother about it, he suggested I looked at getting a kit car. I bought several magazines and did lots of research into what kit cars were available but I was unable to really progress any further as I had nowhere to build a car.

During the summer, Jo and I started looking for a house together as we were both still living with our respective parents. Jo had several pre-requisites such as a detached house with 4 bedrooms, though quite why we would need 4 bedrooms for two of us was beyond me. My only pre-requisite was that I wanted a garage so that at some point, I would be able to build a car.

We eventually moved into our house in October 1999, but the money I had put away towards building a car had been put towards much more practical things such as the house and furnishings. I still had the idea in the back of my head, but decided to wait until I knew what our finances were like before embarking on the kit car project.

The Choices

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