Ford Zetec - Exhaust

The standard Ford exhaust system is compact, but consequently very restrictive in terms of air flow. It is also designed to pass underneath the engine which, in most kits, would equate to passing underneath the car and straight out of the offside of the car.

Standard Zetec Exhaust Manifold
Standard Zetec Exhaust Manifold

Due to these restrictions, it is usual to fabricate a custom exhaust system. For torque and power, the best exhaust system is a 4:2:1 whereby the four header pipes are joined as two pairs then joined to make a single pipe. However, on Seven style kit cars space is limited so a compromise is made and the exhaust is a 4:1 where the four header pipes enter a collector and have a single exit.

Tiger supply all parts for a complete exhaust system which comprises 4 down pipes, the collector and the silencer. If you require a catalytic converter, Tiger can replace the collector with a collector and catalytic converter in one. This features a threaded insert for a lambda sensor.

The Silencer

It is widely regarded that the standard Tiger silencer isn't particularly effective at silencing or retaining its wadding. Most Tigers have blown their wadding out within 1-2000 miles. It is possible to modify the existing silencer so it can be repacked reasonably easily, however I recommend speaking to Wunoff. They supply repackable silencers with 5" or 6" diameter cans for around £150-180. They are custom made to your specifications. With the Zetec, for the most noise reduction without sacrificing performance, a 6" silencer can as long as possible is recommended.

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